AlascA ft. the Harmonie Crescendo Orchestra

Sunday 23 March
Last Saturday we played a truly unforgettable show with the Harmonie Crescendo Orchestra at the Purmaryn Theatre in Purmerend. This was our second show with an orchestra and we have a feeling that it won't be our last. More news about album II will follow soon, the studio beckons!
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Cold turkey!

Monday 03 March
Today we wake up in a bed we know, actually eat breakfast but with a light coffee, do not spend half of the day in our van, have Internet that works, eat dinner before 21:30 and do not play a show for lovely Italians. Good to be h...
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AlascA @Vera Groningen

Thursday 27 February
Confimed! Date: Thursday, March 20, 2014 Doors: 21:00 Start: 22:00 Price: € 9,00 + monthly pass(€ 1,50) Tickets
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