After its debut Actors & Liars, AlascA decided to welcome the best of country music to its sound to evolve into what they call European Country. The result is Prospero, an album that reveals an expanded rich and rawer palette that includes mariachi trumpets, slide guitars, Morricone-influenced production elements and a saloon piano that sounds like it was rescued from a flooded New Orleans basement. AlascA’s Prospero is a truly enchanting return and a triumphant follow-up to its widely acclaimed debut.

Prospero is out now!



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Album | 2015
In Medias Res, albumcover, single, single cover, prosper, alasca, alaska

In Medias Res

Single | 2015
actors and liars, actors & liars, alasca, band, music, album, debut

Actors & Liars

Album | 2012
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Single | 2013
i will go, alasca, single, actors and liars, band, music

I Will Go

Single | 2012
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Single | 2010


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  • volkskrant, prospero, alasca, menno pot, album, recensie First Highlights
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  • alasca, paradiso, alaska, prospero, sold out, releaseshow Sold Out Release Show @Paradiso
  • dwdd, de wereld draait door, alasca, alaska, prospero, tv Live Performance on Dutch National Television
  • alasca, prospero, out now, album, release, alaska Prospero release!
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