Album II & a disabled bird

Sunday 08 June
Howdy! It's been rather silent here, but mainly because we spend most of our time in the studio recording the tracks for our new album. 8 of the tracks are nearly finished and the tracklisting is complete. So it's a matter of time. We are sorry that we cannot yet share any of our new tracks because we'd really love to present our revised sound and approach. We have to be as patient as you, but we promise to share the tracklisting in September and to move towards a first single release in Fall.  Finally, some news that we really want to share with you concerns William's lovebird Benny. The little bird was born disabled, but William and his girlfriend Debby helped it recover and made a video of the progress set to our ...
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AlascA ft. the Harmonie Crescendo Orchestra

Sunday 23 March
Last Saturday we played a truly unforgettable show with the Harmonie Crescendo Orchestra at the Purmaryn Theatre in Purmerend. This was our second show with an orchestra and we have a feeling that it won't be our last. More...
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Cold turkey!

Monday 03 March
Today we wake up in a bed we know, actually eat breakfast but with a light coffee, do not spend half of the day in our van, have Internet that works, eat dinner before 21:30 and do not play a show for lovely Italians. Good to be h...
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