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AlascA announces new album 'Prospero'

Monday, 5 January 2015


AlascA releases its second album on March 20th. The band announced the release date of the  follow-up to their widely acclaimed debut 'Actors & Liars' with a short teaser video. The extensive European tours of the band have resulted in a louder more live-oriented sound on this new album called "Prospero". Band members have confirmed that it is louder than the debut and that it has a more cinematic approach. 

AlascA took two years to write their second album and to perfect their new direction. Songwriter and leadsinger Frank Bond explains: "After the promotional clubtour in 2012 we focused on the 2013 re-release of our debut album in the UK and the gigs that followed that, after that we did another European tour and it was only afterwards that we finally had the time to lock ourselves up in the studio. We did not want to make 'Actors & Liars 2.0', we are not that kind of band, so we took the time to change things around a lot and throw away the material that simply did not work for us. For Prospero we blended our love for alternative country with our European-oriented folk sounds and Morricone-inspired production elements. It's a European interpretation of country, really." 

The 12 tracks on the album reveal an expanded rich and rawer palette that includes mariachi trumpets, slide guitars and a saloon piano that sounds like it was rescued from a flooded New Orleans basement.  

The first single of the album, In Medias Res, will be released on 20 February and is accompanied by a live video of the band. Prospero will be released on 20 March and will be presented to the audience and the press in Paradiso, Amsterdam on 26 March.