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Artwork Teaser

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Everyone knows that we are passionate lovers of albums, but few people know of our love for album artwork. For Prospero we wanted the artwork to be something truly unique. Something you’d just have to pick up and check out when you see it and of course it had to enhance the concept of the album. We worked on this for months and we are proud to say that we have achieved this and want to thank the very talented team of designers and artists that made this possible.  
We have always been a huge fan of Angelique van den Hogen. She is very gifted and after hearing the music and the stories behind the tracks she started drawing and painting. The absolute highlight is the aquarel artwork that has become the cover of our album. Of course we cannot tell you everything yet (we could but it wouldn’t be fun), but Angelique also made some intriguing portraits of us, the drawings that accompany some of the lyrics and it turned out that she had some sort of prophesying vision. This should sound as mysterious as it is. 

Although Dick de Boer is not the kind of guy who plays darts, he certainly knows how to hit the bull’s eye. In the earliest stages of the album he drew and designed the new logo and it became iconic to our revised sound. It captures the style of the album and refers to the old Spaghetti Western movie posters and cowboy adventure comic books from the 70’s.

Our dear drummer Louis was responsible for the final digital cover design and Michael Runderkamp (one of the kindest guys in the world) spent weeks, under the strict and perfectionistic supervision of our manager Ruud Hartong, to put all the artwork, images and texts together to turn it all into a beautiful package that is meant to enchant you.

Please enjoy the Artwork teaser here