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First Highlights

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Where do we begin? The last week has been a rollercoaster for all of us and we are happy to say that it doesn’t look as if it is going to stop any time soon. We are so unbelievably proud and excited that so far Prospero is received to unanimous acclaim. Similar to its predecessor perhaps indeed, but what makes these new reviews so special to us is that we are picked up by the great indie channels that have supported us from the start and the larger influential media.

That means a lot to us. Below you find a summary of our first review-related highlights:

iTunes #3 position and Editor’s Pick
We entered the iTunes alternative charts on a #3 position and hope to be in the top 20 of album sales in the Netherlands this week.

In Medias Res is Americana UK’s Editor’s VIdeo Pick!

And some beautiful press quotes: 

"Again, Frank Bond proves to be an excellent songwriter (A Rhythm, When You Are Older), but what is best about Prospero is that there should no longer be any doubt whatsoever: AlascA makes albums of great significance." - De Volkskrant  ★★★★

"Beautiful record with a highly unique and playful concept" - De Telegraaf

"AlascA's Prospero is a classy and tasteful showcase of extraordinary songwriting talent in the rich genre of alternative country music." - Lust for Life ★★★★

"Prospero is a record to discover both in terms as sounds as lyrics. Make the effort and you will be rewarded with a music experience you rarely come across nowadays." - OOR

"The combination of country pop and the wide western sound inspired by Ennio Morricone make these songs unique. I don't know anything like it." - MusicMaker ★★★★

"AlascA's Prospero might just well be the cult classic it pretends to be"
"No attempt to copy or imitate American country, this is a very successful European interpretation of it with the aim to create a new genre" -

"Do you want a summary? This is already one of the best albums of 2015. Period. Now let us hope that it does not take the world 25 years to find out." - PlatoMania 

"Calling it a classic may be a bit premature, but it is a fact that AlascA makes country and western cool again." - 

"AlascA's music deserves a large audience"  - 
Cult | The Post Online

"An impressive piece of art" - dichtbij.nl