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New video 'The Prophet'

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Yes, Kanye West may be as brilliant as Leonardo Da Vinci, but we are now more popular among the British women then Kanye ever was. After our first single In Medias Res, the lovely ladies of Female First asked us if they could please get the exclusive debut for our next video… Of course they could! And now it is a genuine Alascamania out there in the UK.

Check the video here: 

The credits go out to Louis who directed the video and of course none of this could ever have been realized without our Oscar-worthy acting. You might wonder, but no, we never even thought of asking stuntmen. Now it’s time for the long wait for December’s Oscar nominations and the subsequent rise to international stardom. 

Anyway, the core message of all this megalomania is the fact that The Prophet is our new UK single and we hope you will hear it on BBC 6 soon!