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The Actors & Liars Era - part 2

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Actors & Liars Era [2009 – 2014]
By Benjamin Chilton

Part 2/3

The album was recorded from January to December of 2011 and was released on AlascA’s label King Forward Records on February 17 2012. Upon release, the album entered the Dutch charts on #9, peaking above Paul McCartney, and stayed the charts for over 7 weeks. Promotional quotes by Robin Pecknold and several Dutch music professionals that applauded AlascA’s sound gained the band a lot of positive attention and allowed them to appear on leading Dutch TV programs. While the band toured extensively through the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, Alan Branch promoted their music in the UK and successfully linked the band up with independent folk label IRL. The album was re-released by IRL in the UK March 2013, which re-release was followed by new tours in Europe, some shows and festivals in the UK and a support slot for Sinéad O Connor. Again, the album was received to unanimous critical acclaim and quickly AlascA could add airplay on BBC2 and BBC6 to its list of European radio airplay which by that time included Dutch, Belgian, Swiss, Italian and German radio channels. 

Despite all the positive attention, Actors & Liars was clearly no blockbuster nor did it deliver the major singles that could bring the band to the attention of the larger audiences. Marc Condren of Uncut: “AlascA was true to the genre of folk. You could instantly hear that “Actors & Liars” was all about passion, it’s one of those inspired records. But that made them the sort of act that the major channels so easily overlooked. AlascA had singles on its debut, but it was all too delicate to suit the 010’s pop or alternative pop. And don’t forget, they were really independent and did not have the resources to get the promotional machine going.”  Only recently, the band agreed in a MOJO interview: “looking back, we should not have released it on our own label if we had wanted the sort of success we were aiming for. On the other hand, if we would not have self-released it, it would not have got its current status.” .....

[photo by Martijn Dehing]